"Live and let live"

The artist explicitly distances herself from politics, power, fanaticism and conspiracy theorists. Furthermore, she does not identify with any religion, not even with esotericism and she does not belong to any sect or religious community. Her spirit is and wants to remain free.

The artist behind these works and the development of her soul

It is impossible to describe this personality in a few sentences. Sati seems to be as strong and fearless as her paintings. An encounter with her often leaves traces. But for her, the reality out there is an alien world. She can only live in protected spaces. And it is precisely in this "world of her own" that she intuitively and thoughtlessly makes her brushes dance. By day and by night because time stands still. 

She draws her intuition from the "Divine We in us", and this infinitely pure love that she feels in the process makes all worries seem like a small faint star in the sky. 

Until this happened, she had to enter the world in 1963 as the girl Renata. Although she was already aware as a child that she was different and perceived more, she had to go her earthly way like everyone else, and with time she forgot who she was.

The first 40 years were filled with stumbling blocks. Some people might have broken down because of them, but an indescribable inner strength helped her to get up again and again.

With his extraordinarily peaceful, kind-hearted and wise nature, her beloved son becomes her life compass. He repeatedly shakes her up and shows her that life can also be mastered with gentleness and a smile. 

In 2003, under the pseudonym Lena-Aischa, she packed her diaries, painful memories, and dreams into a mystical story and realised that she was Sati

Subsequently, she perceived her first visions, and in 2006, without warning, her creativity exploded. The simplicity of dot and dash fascinates her, and she discovers her own "geometry of the soul" in it. Within only five years, she created over 300 artworks, each of which she worked on for 30 to 330 hours. Although drawing is her elixir and endless inspiration, more extended recovery periods always follow. 

At the beginning of January 2023, painting no. 440 entitled "Hold on", was created and became the bridge between Lena-Aischa and Sati

It has finally arrived and the new vision is becoming visible:

Sacred Space Art by Sati.

The time and humanity are ripe for it!